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Enable/Disable Devices using a program


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Is there a way to enable and disable ISY devices, remotely while I am away, using a program?

Reading through the forum, I guess one way is to use variable and use it as a proxy for the device but that does not really disable the device.

Any thoughts or examples would be appreciated.



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The usual way most conclude in the end is.

- Create a State variable called $sVacation. (note: I find vacation and away to be two different scenarios needed.)
- Create ways to control the variable accurately when you are away from home. I use my $sAway variable with a 16 hour delay to automatically set the house into Vacation mode, as well as a few manual methods.
- Use the variable to control key programs, disallowing them to run in the "If" section, or control Then / Else with a different routine based on $sVacation = $cTRUE or $cFALSE

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