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Locative iOS still working?


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I just setup geofencing using node server->occupancy 1.0.  Configured node server successfully, and Locative iOS app successfully changes occupancy status in ISY when I use "send test-request" under Settings part of Locative.  However, the Locative geofence simply won't change the ISY occupancy status when I set fence to minimum (less than a block from my house), and I walk more than a block away...

Is the Locative server still functioning?  Or is the fence boundary much larger than the Locative map shows?

AND...portal teases an Iphone app for UDI mobile, what is the status of this?


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The locativ app continues to work and will send ISY Portal geofencing calls to the ISY. I've only used it on the iphone and with the original Portal occupancy sensor, not V2. That continues to work for me

The locativ service has been discontinued and offline for sometime, but is not necessary for use with the ISY as described above. When your phone crosses a fence, its sends a message to the portal. I believe that the test button is associated with the discontinued service and won't help prove that anything is working. I found that I needed to set a larger geofence, ~ 150 yards + radius at least, for consistent results.


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