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Bedroom lighting timer

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I tried to write a timer program to shut off lights that are left on for 30 minutes in my boys' bedroom.  Not sure this will work, but would appreciate feedback.  Using KPLs to control fanlincs.  Between 7am and 7pm, if either KPL light on button is pressed, 30 mins later the light will be turned off (I think).


Boys light timer program.PNG

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Hi Sean

The only thing I would do differently is add parens around the the bottom 2 lines. Use the Add And tool (1), use the move line up button (2) and make your program look like this

    from 7
    for 12 hours
          Control max switched off
      or  Control loch switched off

My similar example is here:


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The above original poster's program will turn off the lights when:

A ) Between 7A and 7P 30 minutes after Max KPL Light is turned on

B ) At any time 30 minutes after Loch KPL Light is turned on.

You need to use the AND (


and put the two control statements within the AND group.

You may also need to put the AND group First in the program to get it to trigger properly.


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Just now, seanB said:

I also need to add a line to change the KPL button lighting, but it's working great now. 

Another way to do this is to turn them all off at once by using the Link Management menu of the admin console

  • create a "New Scene".. 
  • drag the switches and key pad button in as responders only... do not check the controller box.
  • In the program, turn the scene off, instead of each device.

This will shut them off all at once, instead of one at a time


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