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Inovelli outdoor plug not responding to scene


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I have the same device, but included it in a program which works  fine.

However I have big problems with Inovelli wall switches... impossible to include or exclude ever since I upgraded first to 5.0.13 and now 5.0.14.

I loved their new products but now using other brands until Inovelli works better with ISY 5.0.14 . Furthermore their 6 clicks up to include (when it works...) is too cumbersome.

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Yeah I have to agree. This particular unit has not worked well from the beginning. Very poor range for a z-wave plus device and it doesn't seem to want to repeat a signal if it can stay on the network itself.  I also have a wall dimmer of theirs that I replaced with an insteon dimmer because it took way too long to turn on the light. I should wire it up just to see if it can stay on the network and repeat zwave messages.  Maybe the outdoor switch I have is just faulty.

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On the light that took way too long to come on, it could be a parameter setting that is easy to change. I ran into the same issue.

It is not vey obvious that this is what the parameter changes as it is called Dimming step. Set it to zero for instant on.

Parameter 1    Dimming Step        0-99

Parameter 2    Minimum dimming level    1-99

Parameter 3    LED Indicator        ON 1,OFF 0, Disable 2, Always On 3

Parameter 4    Invert Switch        0 - No, 1 - Yes        

Parameter 5    Auto Off        0-32767

Parameter 8    Local On Level        0-99

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