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"I'm sorry, Universal Devices is not available right now"


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I have a fairly large smart home setup with 50 or so Insteon devices running through an ISY994i, a Google Home, Home Hub, and a bunch of minis and Chromecasts, and 32 spokens running through my ISY Portal. Most of the time everything works great. But roughly 25% of the time when I say a spoken phrase, the Google device responds with "I'm sorry, Universal Devices is not available right now" or "I'm sorry. I'm unable to connect with Universal Devices right now. Please try again later". When it says this, roughly half the time it correctly responds to the command anyway, the other half nothing happens. When you repeat the command it usually works fine.

Internet speed test results are great up and down and I don't believe I'm overloading the wifi network, all fixed PCs in the house connect through Ethernet.

I was unable to find anyone with a similar issue on the forum. Any ideas?

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I had this problem, though it didn't self correct.  It was related to the fact that I only had scenes entered into google home.  Scenes don't have a status so the portal would not routinely update google and google (I guess) would time out the connection.  I added a couple devices the google home that I use often and it hasn't happened since.

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