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Quinine dual zwave relay


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I have 2 of these I am installing this weekend...I am hoping they will work with the ISY Zwave dongle I just installed. Does anyone know if it is compatible? I ask this as I saw where somone on Amazon had another model that was not listed on the Qubino list of compatible products, but they said it worked with the Zwave dongle on the ISY994.




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10 hours ago, dcard said:

I certainly had no luck with that model. I returned it to Amazon with a blistering negative  review here:


ISY994 ZW (not 500 series board)

Thanks, since I was going to have an electrician install them, and would not be able to test the zwave right away... I am returning them as defective. I will most likely just get Insteon dimmable relays instead.

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That would be a great call.

The reasons for my failure with this device could be that I had a broken unit.  It could be that I needed a 500 series Z-Wave board in my ISY (not available in May 2018 when I purchased).

But the lack of any indicator on unit that it was even on, accepting cryptic button-press commands, or getting inclusion on pairings was a real downer.

And for use in an AC mains application, I just would not do it.  They show a required fuse at each output, no indication of amperage rating, no warning about risk of NOT using the fuse.

The mere existence of a fuse on the outlet tells me that the unit itself cannot handle 15 amps fault current from a short (that will trip house breaker).  Yes, the device itself may be permanently damaged from a short, but it MUST NOT START A FIRE.

And I would only use a mechanical "RELAY" type device with AC if:

  • I needed higher current, like an appliance that could draw 10-15 amps (roughly 1000 to 1500 watts in USA).  Triac switches just heat up too much at those amperage levels in an enclosed wall switch.
  • I was driving inductive or other non-incandescent loads that most triacs just do not like.
  • I am driving a very low load that may not allow a triac to operate properly.

So if you are getting "dimmable," then it sounds like you are using this for lighting, it it will not be a "mechanical relay," but triac-based solid state.  Lots of good options there with UL listings, and many choices, even Z-Wave, from major manufacturers like GE.

I happen to still think that Insteon is a solid choice.  I have been using for 14 years, and would not hesitate to outfit a new home on that platform today, using Z-Wave for outlier uses within that network where device choices are limited.  Multi-Button wall switches and battery remotes are an important component in a well-thought-out home scheme, and Insteon is still king today.  Never had a PLM failure on an ISY (have had two': ISY99 and ISY994) in those 14 years, and few device failures.

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I have also had great luck with Insteon...The only failures I had were with the timer ones, and that was because I had contractors that hooked up their saws to them, and blew them. I wish I could get more of them, but they have discontinued the model I had.

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