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ISY with v4.3 KeyPadLinc and 3 way setup

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I am new to ISY but not to Insteon. I have the following 

ISY UI and Firmware at v.4.7.3

Two older Icon Dimmers at v.39, both replaced a 3 way standard circuit and followed the Insteon wiring instructions for a 3 way setup . I linked these manually with both as controller/responder to get the 3 way function working properly physically at the dimmers. Everything works as expected. In ISY UI, both the devices show as controller/responder to each other.

I want to tie this 3 way setup to one of the keys on a 8 button KeypadLinc which is at v.43. Since I am not entirely sure how to go about doing this manually at the KeypadLinc, I decided to use ISY and my expectation is that after this setup, I should also be able to control the 3 way switches physically on the key pad.

Here is how I setup in ISY

1) Created a scene

2) Dragged and dropped all three devices (1 Keypadlinc button and 2 Icon dimmers). When the dialog popped up for controller/responder I set them all as controllers. The Membership tab hierarchy shows that keypad button is a controller for the scene as well as a responder to the scene. Under the scene each of the icon dimmers are listed.

I can control the scene just fine, but I have the following issues:

a) Keypad does not light up

b) I cannot physically go to the keypad and operate the 3 way light

What am I doing wrong? Like another thread in this forum are my devices simply too old?

If I were to physically link the button, it would be great if someone can outline the steps. I assume put key in linking mode, go to each of the dimmers and link. Also repeat the reverse setup so that keypad lights up if one of the switches in the 3 way setup is activated.

Sorry for the long winded question?








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Welcome to the UDI Forums!

When using the ISY, its critical that you do not manually link the devices.  The ISY becomes the network manager and locally created scenes will confuse things.

The good news is that your directions show following the ISY Insteon management properly. I suggest:

  • Leave the devices installed in the ISY
  • Factory reset them to get rid of all links including manually / locally created ones
  • One at at time
    • Right click on each device
    • Pick "Restore Device" to restore the ISY managed links to the devices
    • Let it finish configuring each device



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