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6-button KeypadLinc - Scenes not working properly

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I’m having some trouble with my KeypadLincs here. These scenes worked fine with the Insteon PLM, but they do not seem to work with my new ISY994i. First up, the info below the device ID: (2334-2) KeypadLinc Dimmer 5 Buttons v.45. I’ll describe the simplest of my scenes that’s causing problems, and hopefully we can go from there.

My master bedroom has a 6-button KeypadLinc as described, with the main buttons (“Master Sides”) controlling lights on the sides of the room. There is a second switch, a 2477S Dual Band SwitchLinc On/Off Switch v.45, (“Master Main”) which controls a light in the center of the room.

I created a scene, and I added Master Sides (responder), Master Main (Responder), and Button C from the KeypadLinc (Controller). I want the scene to turn OFF Master Main, and set Master Sides to 25%. When I toggle the scene via the UD Admin Console, it works as intended. When I push Button C, however, the main light and the side lights both turn to 100%.

Any advice here? A photo of my scene configuration is attached.


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