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MobiLinc Connect and Alexa now supports FanLinc controllers! (US Only)


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Hi Folks,

Rounding out the first week in 2019, we updated MobiLinc Connect again this morning adding in FanLinc support for fans!

MobiLinc Connect now supports changing the fan speed of a FanLinc controller with Alexa. Follow the setup guide on our website (https://mobilinc.com/features/echo/) to set a spoken name on the Fan element of the FanLinc in the Admin Console and save back to MobiLinc Connect. Say "Alexa, discover devices" to pull in your Fan. Once added, you'll find the Fan device under "Devices" in the Alexa app with a fan icon.

NOTE: If the Fan element previously had a spoken name assigned, in the Alexa app, delete the Fan device and then rediscover with Alexa. 

Example: If your fan is named "Living Room Fan", once added to Alexa you can say:
"Alexa, turn the Living Room Fan to Off, Low, Medium, or High"
"Alexa, make the Living Room Fan faster (or slower)"
"Alexa, increase (or decrease) the Living Room Fan speed"

As with the new Security Panel feature, Amazon has limited that and the new Fan Mode feature to US Accounts only.


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