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Garage Door Control

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I have 3 Garage Door Controls and an ISY994i.  I use the Mobilinc app and have some lights and dimmers that all work fine.  My 3 garage doors have quit working though.  I didn't change any settings and I am really not sure what the troubleshooting procedure would even be.  The mobilinc app can sync up and get the current status but it won't actually open or shut any of them.

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Did they work at one point, then quit?  Are you trying to control the sensor or the relay?  Are you turning it ON or OFF?

I would troubleshoot this by trying to determine if this is an ISY thing, or mobilinc thing.  If it can be controlled via the amin panel of the ISY, then I would conclude it is a mobilinc problem.  If it cannot be controlled by the admin panel, then it is an insteon/ISY problem.  If the latter, I would further try to break this down between communication or device failure or link errors, etc....

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They worked and have stopped working.  I just was able to operate them successfully with the Isy Admin panel.  It looks like the item i had on my dashboard was for status.  It was nice as it showed the garage door icon and I had it configured to open/closed.  I can get the MobiLinc to work if I just use the Garage Door Control or Relay instead but this doesn't seem to work quite as nicely as it did before...

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So, I would conclude that the ISY and PLM are working and communicate, and that whatever issues you are having are with mobilinc.  Do you agree?

I have mobilinc, but I don't have a big need or desire for remote control and use it pretty infrequently.  For my garage door, I just use the relay device to trigger the door, and have changed the icon to the garage door.  I have also removed all command except ON and renamed that to "trigger".  No, it does not show status.  For that, I just view the sensor device.  Both relay and sensor are part of my favorites.

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