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1. My home is set up with an ISY and Inseton products. I have many 8 button keypads thought the house. When we built the house, we used the A button on the keypads as a lighting load, so for example in the dining area, the overhead lights are the A button. In hindsight, we should have put them on Micro Modules, but what's done is done. I have scenes programmed in the ISY. When I use the ISY interface to trigger the scene, I have no problems, but if I use a button on the keypad to trigger that same scene, it will trigger it with the exception of the local load that is on the A button. Whats strange is that some keypads do in fact trigger the A button (these were done by a programmer who bailed on the project). I can see that in their programming, the keypad buttons are controller for scenes, but they are not actually in the scene. When I program the scenes, I put all of the other scene buttons into the scene. I make one button the controller, the rest are responders set to off. Please lmk if you have any advice on how to fix this problem.


2. Is there any way to have one button on a kpl light up when in the off position but not have the others? I am using the B button as my main, every day button, for all keypads. At night the keypads are difficult to see. I'd like all the buttons on the keypads to be at 15/0, except the B button, which I want at 15/2. But when I attempt to do this, it just changes all of the buttons to 15/2. Please let me know if you have an idea on how to accomplish what I am trying to accomplish.


Thanks for your consideration, I appreciate it.



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In no particular order....

- if a device (including a button) is a scene controller, it is in the scene.

- scene responder levels can be different depending on which controller device triggered it, and different than the scene levels when triggered from the admin panel.  Is it possible that the responder level for your button A is set to zero in some cases?

- I dont believe that there is a way to separately set backlight levels.  That is a global setting for the keypad.

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I have a "nightlight" button on some of my keypads which provide orientation.  They're either otherwise unused (spare) buttons, or I have programmed appropriate responses when they are pressed in either single-click or double-click (fast on/off) operations.  Perhaps some variation of this idea may work for you.

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oberkc - thanks for the reply. I have checked the levels called for each device (each button) and they are set correctly as far as I can tell. When I first started, I would program the scene and not the individual responders, then I learned that they had to be set individually. I will take a snapshot of my programming next time I am on site (I can't remote in) to confirm. It's too bad that you cannot se the backlight level for an individual key, that seems like something I should put a request into UDI to request as a future feature. 

markens - thanks for the reply. This is interesting. So you are saying you have one button programmed to be on and light up with no corresponding devices turned on. When the button is pushed, does it then turn off? Ideally the B button would be a night light, when pushed it would go on, when pushed again, it would go off and the nightlight would remain on, but I don't understand how that logic would work.





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36 minutes ago, shaan.mehta said:

that seems like something I should put a request into UDI to request as a future feature

I suspect such a request would need to be put into smartlabs, or whoever designs the keypad.

37 minutes ago, shaan.mehta said:

When I first started, I would program the scene and not the individual responders, then I learned that they had to be set individual

To be clear, responder levels must be set for EACH CONTROLLER in a scene, along with the overall scene levels.  Click on each controller (red devices) and verify the responders.

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Thanks all for your thoughtful responses, I wanted to follow up and share what I learned.

I had an extremely knowledgable person from UDI come over and give me a tutorial on how to finish up the programming for my house. First off, I should thank them, the hours we spent together were great and I am much more comfortable with my abilities now. As to my two questions:

1. We determined that this is just a current bug in the system. To get around it, we manually linked the load and scene buttons together on keypads that were experiencing this issue. Its a nascence, but the concern has been raised with UDI.

2. I was informed this is a technical possibility, but is not supported at the current time.

Thanks again,



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