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Graphs for energy monitoring


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On 3/16/2019 at 12:58 PM, stanp said:

I was looking for a way to get graphs from my smart sensors.

Emoncms charges 1 pound, brultech requires HW (and I don't want another extra piece, I have smart switches around and main feed has its dedicated sensor too). So I got https://www.hundredgraphs.com. Works with my existing z-wave hub and setup was 5 minutes. Graphs looks good too

HG looks nice, but these free cloud services have a habit of ending (entirely, or just the "free" part).   How long will Orangry keep HundredGraphs running as free-as-in-beer before they go down the path of Ubidots (minimum $20/month) or Sparkfun's phant (Shutdown with little notice)?

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Nope, there is no way to say what future is unless you have a crystal ball and mine is broken. Even Google kills products from time to time (remember PowerMeter?)

But... I can pretty much predict what is going to happen:

  • Smart home owner is not a corp, free plan will stay forever with some limitations
  • They will limit the # of variables you can push on a free plan (storage is not grown on trees, huh)
  • Retention will be limited for sure
  • Maybe frequency will be limited too, 1 minute update is pretty generous

Definitely they will get some premium features for premium plans, otherwise what's the point

However for the time being I like it and then we'll see


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