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Detect AC power failure with DSC panel and envisalink??


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Is it possible to detect AC power issues with nodelink on a DSC panel?

I looked at all the available nodes and Panel Trouble is the only one that changes with a loss of AC power to the panel.

Looking into the envisalink TPI it shows that there are distinct codes for AC power loss and restore.



TPI documents are listed in the first post.




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I don't love those panel trouble types to be honest.

Reason being is I can't get status.  Unless I catch the 802/803 (NodeLink running) I have no way to synchronize with it to ensure proper status like I can with zones or fie stuff.  The IT-100 supports a code called 903 which is the led status update, which I could get AC status off.  However this command isn't in the EVL TPI.

There's an 849 trouble status on the EVL but no such beast in the IT-100 API.

I guess I could use both in the code which should capture both devices since each only uses one of the codes.

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So if I understand correctly you are saying those codes 802/803 are a kind of fire and forget codes and if for some reason nodelink misses them it won't be sent again?

Well if that's the case I understand why you don't favor this method.

I do have a 120 relay, but didn't really want to get another enclosure and take up another outlet by my panel to install it. Was hoping it was possible with the panel without adding the extra stuff.

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