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confirmation tha zwave is operating on ISY994i ZWIR pro


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I have a ISY994i ZWIR

I have had it for a number of years and also used the ISY99 before that. I am quite happy with it and its Insteon control and integration. I have never tried to initialize or link to a ZWAVE device before.

I am running 5.0.15 firmware


I have a AEOTEC multisensor ZW100-A (3 years old)  that I am trying to connect to.  It is never being found ( even 30 cm away). When I try to add a device it just keeps listening for device ( >15 min ) multiple times

I have power reset the ISY,  reset to ISY ZWAVE to factory, stopped adding device and power cycled the sensor in various ways (as per forum notes that I have read)

It seems the  Multisensor is running because it is cycling through the colors on its "operating LED" however I can not determine if the AEOTEC or the ISY994 is communications link problem

Is there any things I can check on the ISY side  that might popup a error message on a debug console?


BTW after this I intend to get the Fibaro ZWAVE RGBW I have working as well.

I am quite competent with debugging circuit boards etc … is it possible the internal ZWAVE mode in the ISY has become disconnected?  Somewher at work I also have a zwave dongle I can use to debug. ( But I would need to find it in the overall mess of my lab)


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