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I have been working on our home system for quite some time now and am at a point where I now have Insteon thermostats in every major room (8 to be exact), fanlincs on all ceiling fans (9 to be exact), Aeotec multisensor 6 in 2 bathrooms, exhaust fans in both baths with in line on/off modules, stand alone humidifiers/dehumidifiers with on/off modules.  I am looking at placing automated diffuser/booster fans in ductwork to create some sort of zoning scenario, using exhaust and/or ceiling fans for circulation, cooling effect and humidity control.  My question/s is/are how have any of you addressed home climate systems, am I wasting time money trying to do so, how have any of you programmed an integrated system using fans, standard ac/heat hvac system, etc. to make things as automated and comfortable as possible with as little manual interaction as possible.  Besides the above most rooms have motion detectors that control lighting only at the moment, so activating them for ceiling fans, humidifiers etc., when rooms are occupied would not be a problem.  I am not a programming genius, moderate at best, still learning, but have been happy with achievements thus far.  

Look forward to your ideas/solutions/programming guidance.



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