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Outside Front Screened in hall LED light


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I have been using the Insteon Smart Dimmable LED Light Bulb (A19 - 60 watt equivalent) and I seem to be averaging between 9 months and 1 year between replacements. I believe that they cost around $25 each. Well, it is time to replace bulb #3 that just died last night. Are there any other options that I can use to replace the Insteon bulbs and still be controlled by Isy994I without any major programming changes? I should invent a LED bulb that has 2 separate controllers inside the base, then I could just select the second controller, should the first one goes south! Would help immensely when traveling. 



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I have gone through two insteon bulbs now.  Both installed above the stove.  Heat and humidity definitely the problem.  About 1.5 years apart.  

Because I can't use an insteon switchlinc (Exhaust fan & light have hardwired rocker switches), I've opted to use a micro open/close motor control module (only because it was cheap, a flexible alternative and I didn't need dimming functions).  It tucks away nicely with the fan wiring connections (box).  

Now I can install that 25W, 50W or 100W equivalent $1 LED bulb with no worries of ever replacing a $25 smart bulb two or more times.


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