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Problems adding RemoteLinc 2 to ISY


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I just spent 2.5 hours working through how to add a remotelinc2 to my ISY.

Turns out that my issue was how ISY handles Insteon addresses.  I tried xx-yy-zz and xxyyzz - neither worked.  I happened to see a post on this forum (unrelated to the remotelinc) that showed the address as xx.yy.zz.  

It would be incredibly helpful if, on the dialog that asks for the address if there is some information (either a help link, some text, or frankly, anything that indicated that the address for Insteon devices should be entered as xx.yy.zz.  If I'd have had that information, I'd have been done in 5 minutes.  5 minutes v.s. 1.5 hours - pain in the butt for many, I often look at it as billable time if I was doing for work.  If that were the case, this would have been a $1250 problem.  I'm lucky, my billable hours are expensive, but damn, this was a pain in the butt until I figured it out!

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Yea - I know - RTFM :-).  I'll be honest, didn't think about going there as it was not top of mind, but I will next time I get stuck on something like this!

Problem is, I dip into home automation when I have time (like tonight - wife is at yoga, it's after working hours and I have some time on my hands).  I never seem to get time to read up on all the tech I have...  Also, it's not fair to consider my time - this is a hobby for me, but I do get frustrated when I see UI/UX that could provide immediate support to the user (i.e. when adding a RemoteLinc 2, have an "i"nformation icon that warps me to the spot in the Wiki that discusses this item...  

And yes, I know, linking to documentation takes time and there are other features to add that support more home automation options.  You need to choose the options that make the mose sense for Universal-Devices.  I know others on these forums could teach me a thing or 1,000 about setting up the ISY and I recognize that I'm likely a more casual user than many here - just trying to provide some feedback.

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