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Can I use REST commands with non-admin ISY account?


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Ok. Thanks. I will stop trying then. :-)

This is unfortunate. I have been experiencing inconsistent results using IFTTT webhooks to get a REST command to succeed when using HTTPS. I have 6 set up. Three check if a cell phone is on the network. Three check when it is off the network. The resulting webhook REST commands tell my ISY whether each phone is online or offline. These represent when different people are home or away. Depending on who is away, the ISY will do different things related to the security protocols. Anyway, sometimes, the HTTPS webhook fails while the HTTP webhook always succeeds. I don't like using the admin ID to do a REST command without HTTPS. ?


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Before the ISY Portal existed, I used an Apache server and the proxy module to allow token based authentication to the REST API without having to reveal the admin password to third parties. I wrote it up here: https://wiki.universal-devices.com/index.php?title=Apache_Reverse_Proxy

The ISY Portal is now better alternative. Certainly, less complex to get going...

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