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How to properly remove NodeLink from Raspberry Pi 3?


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I could not find anything related, so here is the question.  How should I go about removing NodeLink from my Raspberry Pi? I would like to ensure Nodelink is fully removed and there are no instances of anything NodeLink left on the Pi. Are there any major tricks involved, anything hidden, anything lurking in background or is it fairly straightforward?

Thanks for any input.

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Nodelink is 3 pieces, assuming you've been using io_guy's install scrip:

  1. nodelink.dll (the code)
  2. config.xml (your environment's definition)
  3. Modifications to rc.local that cause the nodelink to be started when the pi boots

The first step is to use the nano editor and edit rc.local and remove the line that starts nodelink... then reboot.

The files under 1 and 2 can be deleted after that. Not sure what your command line skills are so I'll leave it here for the moment


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