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Dead network port? ISY994-pro

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Came back from a business trip and noticed some of the scheduled events weren't running. 

Also looked at the ISY this AM and I don't seem to be getting any network traffic (lights) on the Ethernet port when I tried to trigger a device from my phone. network port its plugged into is active, even changed cable, no change. ISY finder cant see the ISY either

Wife said the lights all went "blinky-blink" last night as a point of reference

Possibly fried internals?

Thoughts before i try to do a reset?

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32 minutes ago, Pgendreau said:

Now blinking red/blue light,..ordered a new unit,. this one has had a good life ! 

Upon receiving the new unit relay the UUID of the old machine to UDI so any modules you purchased can be transferred to the new unit. In case the old controller can't be accessed send in a support ticket calling out your full name and shipping address to help facilitate the transfer of modules.

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