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Agave user interface to set event time?

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Switching from iOS / MobiLinc Pro to Adroid / Agave.  Agave newbie.

Does anyone know how to manage event start times on Agave?  Need to turn on my espresso machine at least 30 min before I get up, which changes depending on conference call schedules (do this at night when setting wake-up alarm).

In Orchestrated MobiLinc, I could select the device (Insteon enabled wall outlet) on the dashboard and then quickly change the time by selecting the 'Resource Manager' tab.  Is there such convenience on Agave.

I'm currently in the trial period for Agave, looking for a more reasonable priced option.

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On 3/23/2020 at 1:33 AM, Mecheng70 said:

"...and I little Linux programming to get it up and running".

Anytime a phrase like this appears in the "New User/Having Trouble?" section, you can all but guarantee that the solution is not possible for the vast majority of people, or certainly the person with the question. This is not to criticize you personally, @Mecheng70, but rather to point out that so many ways of addressing a problem with the ISY requires technical skill that very few people have. It's a lot like saying to someone, "Well, just tear down the engine and do a quick rebuild, and that noise will disappear for you.".

I say this to point out that basically all user interfaces for ISY are either only marginally capable, (Neither Agave nor Mobilinc X can handle many types of sensors, for example) or they are rather cludgy (earlier Mobilinc products prior to X, for example) or they require the user to posses somewhat rare skills (e.g., Linux programming, as appears to be the case for Home Assistant based on your comment).

UDI is never going to address this, as they don't see the "average" user as their market. Fair enough. But it would be great if someone with the necessary skills would build a robust front end for the ISY that didn't require the user to be, say, a Linux programmer. None of the current user interfaces really meet that need. I wonder what it would cost to get there, in terms of a subscription fee? Or, could a group of users front the cost of developing a better user interface, and then share in the subscription fees? Just some thoughts...

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@madcodger  If you want to supercharge your ISY, you may want to look at HomeAssistant.  

You don't need to be a linux programmer to get HomeAssistant up and running.  Just some basic commands.  

My current homeassistant has the following systems in one location:

  • simplisafe - arm and disarm
  • Arlo - arma nd disarm
  • Occupancy
  • smartweather - tile that has weather and forecast
  • 3D printer status
  • Solar Panel data
  • Tablet configuration that can be cast to my google home max in the kitchen.
  • completely compatible tiles for anything.
  • Separate tabs for however my brain works.






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Home Assistant look kind of interesting and I'm sure it would be interesting to get deep into it, I just don't have the time.  Perhaps using Agave I could write a few sequences that have different power up times, and just execute the one needed.

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Could set an Or if statement with a time of day and state variable.  Then on agave you have the state variable set as a toggle on your main screen.  Covers both time and when you want it.  


At the end of your sequence, make sure to set the state variable back to the 0 or off state.

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