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Google Home spokens won't turn off scenes


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Sorry if this has been discussed. I am new to the forum. No issues with my ISY connecting to Google Home for a couple of years. I have devices and scenes that used to respond perfectly to the Spokens in the ISY portal. All of sudden, the scenes will turn on, but not turn off. The response I get is " I don't know how to help you with that". With one of the scenes,  when I ask Google Home to turn it off,  the response I get is " OK turning off two lights". Those two lights are other linked devices ( not scenes). The spokens for these two devices are quite different from the the spokens in the scenes and do not use the same words at all. I have unlinked, re-linked, deleted all of the devices and scenes from the ISY portal, re installed the devices and scenes in the ISY portal, updated the firmware on the ISY, and...nothing helps. The scenes still wont turn off. Oddly, the two devices will turn on and off correctly as they always have. Any help with this much appreciated!!!

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I just tried re-connecting my Google Home after a long time and I can get devices to respond (on and off), but not scenes. But if I change the scene from a 'scene' in the google home category to a "light" it works and says "turning on two lights" -- how in the heck does that happen?

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You just have to choose something other than SCENE from the drop down when adding the scene. Choose LIGHT, SWITCH, or OUTLET and it will appear as a device.

Then you can use words like "TURN GARAGE LIGHT ON" even if GARAGE LIGHT is the activator words for your SCENE

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