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Wireless ISY994i, Not?

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Hello All,

ISY994i ZW+, Love this thing, it is awesome; with bits of time here n there, have done more with it in the last 2 weeks, than since the beginning of the year counting countless hours every week with some Troller type piece ?  _Golly_ and I haven't even played with the ISY Portal  ....yet

Have read something I'm not sure I understand though.... According to the manual,  the "ISY interfaces securely to both wireless and wire line local area networks..." So when I configure this unit with a reservation on my router, add mac filtering, etc, etc, reboot everything and having disconnected the LAN cable, the ISY994i just flashes the no network red & blue LEDs.  I thought I looked over the well laid-out and simplified gui, but couldn't find any reference to any WLAN settings (ena/dis, etc.).

Is there something I'm missing or am I misunderstanding the wording from the manual that appears to suggest a WLAN interface exists on the ISY994i ...?  Surely hope to tuck this fantastic little device out of site with only a UPS'd 12v circuit in a crawlspace w/o a cat5 running to it.  If i misunderstood the manual, then I guess I'll run a PoE line for it.


Hope everyone is stayin healthy n hApPy!

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Not sure what you read where but the ISY needs a LAN Ethernet connection and a separate power supply. No POE or wireless.


Edit: I see now what you see in the manual. Seems like a bit of advertising and introduction. Yes it interfaces with the internet and can control curtains etc but is not directly connected to those things.

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OK Dorothy so there is not a WLAN interface on the device then, correct.  Oh I surely aint complaining, but wanted to know for reasons of sanity vs trial n error behind the wheel.

@TrojanHorse -Perhaps easier for me to locate near a PoE jack vs getting both a cat5 jack & power in the same spot.  I know the ISY994 is not PoE capable, but it's nothing to piggy back something to make it so with the wide DC input.  All of my cameras are that way; I learned (ooops, almost used learnt) in school infrastructure to run 3+ cats, you'll need em someday so run extra while you're running one.

I thought the page 6 reference (or whatever page of the Manuel/auto book) was for something Insteon or X10, so like alot of the manual I took w/salt grain to ease my understanding; this was especially true while programming my 1st couple gizmos, absorbing more from the Insteon pages although having none.

Again, surely no complaints what-so-ever having been where I've been (sparse or simply no documentation; weird naming of products; weird forum structure; saturation marketing), not that there's anything wrong with New Hampshire.

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On 4/17/2020 at 8:37 PM, Inchwork said:

?Surely hope to tuck this fantastic little device out of site with only a UPS'd 12v circuit in a crawlspace w/o a cat5 running to it. 




You might not want to make it too inconvenient,  You may need to reset it once in a while, and you can only do that manually in some instances.

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48pt switch is much easier to get to, now that this is 'centrally installed' to 'unplug'.

Prolly mute, as it _seems_ ok after several 'hard shutdowns, but never found any confirmation to properly/nice shutdown for this.

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