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Dimmer went bad and already replaced


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An older dimmer (10 years) started reacting to every near switch or dimmer (on or off) in that as it saw signal it would turn off and , pause couple seconds and then go. At the bad switch it would same thing. Already replaced hw and links via ISY. I keep a supply of sale days dual band replacements on hand.


Anyone else seen this behavior? Mine have just always stopped responding as in power supply dying or dead —capacitor plague. Lol

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I just started having a dimmer switch fail in that mode. It is installed in the toilet next to a fan switch (On/Off), and periodically after the fan turns off, the dimmer turns on. I also have observed that periodically when it it turned on at the switch, it flashes the red LED (UNACK) indicator. Haven't started troubleshooting yet as it's hard to (yet again) have to turn my attention to troubleshooting Insteon issues.

I agree with you @hart2hart, that it is most-likely RF - failed cap in the RF circuit. This device is only 1.5 years old. Disappointing!

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I would suspect the electrolytic power supply capacitors.

The old single band ones had a linear supply and the capacitors would dry out or the famous 30V zener diode got flaky.

The Dual Band ones have a small switching supply and I don't think the capacitors they used where rated for switching supplies. Just like the ones we find in the 2413 PLMs

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