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Any good way to see nodeserver-created devices on mobile?


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Hi. This is not another rant about user interface. I just have a problem that generates a question... Has anyone figured out a reasonable way to view devices created by a nodeserver, from a mobile device (e.g., via a browser, or via Mobilinc or Agave)?

I just installed the Envisalink nodeserver and it works like a charm in terms of showing my DSC alarm zones in the admin console (Thanks, @Goose66!). I previously installed Bob's excellent Polyglot Weather nodeserver (Thanks, @bpwwer!) and it's great for accessing my Davis weatherstation. I can use devices created by these nodeservers as automation triggers, of course, but I often want to simply VIEW these devices quickly and easily via my mobile, particularly when traveling. Mobilinc (I'm using using Orchestrated) does not handle these nodeserver-created devices well, in my opinion, and I don't think Agave does either, although my trial is now long-expired. So, has anyone come up with a decent way to just view these nodeserver-created devices from a mobile device? This is one of those situations where having the ability to create and use virtual devices would be great, but we can't do that, either. Any ideas?


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