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Command Display status not Updating


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This is my first time posting on UD Mobile and I wanted to say that this app is generally working great, by far the best app i've found for ISY.  But, I do have an issue that may or may not be a bug.  I'm using UD Mobile v0.60 on IOS 15.2, ISY firmware 5.3.4.

I have created a Command Favorite that uses a state variable for the display node.  The variable's value is used for the command's Display status.  The command runs a simple program to toggle the variable value between 0 and 1.  I have mapped values for 0 and 1 to change the command's color, icon and text appropriately (this is a really nice feature, btw!).

image.thumb.png.2d45ac461aaac0e040c8cb0ae2f2f175.png  image.thumb.png.21dd74580b1ca2ccabaef7118977abe0.png

The problem: when I start UD Mobile, all of the favorite icons are colored properly indicating their correct status, except for this command icon - the color for the command shows the null color.  But, the color will change when I read the variable in the app, or toggle the button positive/ zero...


When I navigate to the variable in the tree from the Home button, the color of the variable icon also shows the null color.  When I open the variable, the correct value value is shown.  When I close the Variable window, the icon colors are fixed - both the variable and command icon colors show the correct color.

Another way to "fix" the colors is when I press the command - color/ icon/ label will change correctly to "positive", and pressing it again shows the correct "zero" color/ icon/ label.

It appears the app is not acting on the variable value correctly until I "force" it to read it.  Is there something I can do so it automatically reads it and shows the proper state on the icon?



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