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I recently had an episode with my PLM. It quit, no surprise. I replaced most of the caps on the main board except the 100 microfarad, of which I had no stock. I had to re-link all my devices and mostly it was just a time consuming nuisance. All the Insteon plug-in modules came back on line. The RF only battery powered devices decided not to participate. Changed batteries, tried re-linking x amount of times, tied getting closer to the PLM. No joy. My devices are older ones, a RemoteLinc 2440 and 2413 motion sensor for two of them. Everything is out of warranty, and the act of messing with the PLM would have derailed that anyway. Can't buy a new one, as they will only warranty replace. Any ideas? .

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Did you do a factory reset on the PLM, IF NOT DON'T DO IT.

Is your ISY firmware and UI the same version?

If all your hard wired devices are working properly then your PLM is OK. Take one battery operated device at a time, put it in the linking mode, then do a restore device. Push its set button twice to exit the linking mode before you do the next battery operated device.


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