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problems resetting, restoring, and removing icon switch


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here was my initial setup: I had two lights in my living room that each have an Icon switch controlling them, lets call them A and B. There is also a third switch © that controls nothing and it was in the scene (in the ISY)

to control A and B.


I wanted to remove C from the scene and use it to control something else.


I went to each scene and removed it, including removing it properly from the remotelinc.


When I got finished, C still controlled A and B.


I tried factory resetting all 3 switches, which fixed the remaining connections between them, but when I restored all 3 of them, It brought back the connection / problem (C still controls A and B) and this:


Now, both A and B are working very oddly: the Off switch works, but the ON, doesn't work with a tap, but do work with a press and hold. The ramp rates and on levels don't work and won't reset properly.


These Icon switches were working fine before. they are 2876D3 and say v.27 in the ISY.


I air gapped all of the switches for a second or two and it didn't seem to help.


is this an i2 issue?


should I just shoot myself?

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okay, I removed all 3 switches from every scene that they were a part of and factory reset all 3 switches. Then I restored all 3 switches and created a new scene and put A and B in the scene. Now A and B work properly, but C still controls A and B.


I'm now in a trap. If I factory reset C, it doesn't control A or B, but it is no longer connected to ISY. When I restore it, it resumes controlling A and B, despite no obvious info in ISY that it is to control A or B.


I appreciate any help.



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Hi Scott -


Sounds like you have some half-links in your devices. If you're going to remove devices from all scenes and factory reset, go ahead and remove them from the ISY as well. So, I would:


- remove each device from the ISY (which will remove them from scenes as well)

- factory reset each device

- re-add the devices back into the ISY

- re-add them to your scenes as needed

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