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Polyglot Cloud status

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it's working for me, but it's hosted in different spaces on aws for different customers.  If you're logged into portal and you've tried more than one browser you should open a ticket support@universal-devices.com  I don't know which they need portal login name or UUID but I'd include both for more efficiency.

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In case anyone is wondering, it appears my issues were largely caused by deleting my old 994i ISY from the Portal without also going to the Portal's My Profile menu and changing the "My preferred ISY" option to specify the Polisy that took the 994i's place. (I had completely forgotten there was a "preferred ISY" option.)

Doing the above made both PGC and the PGC Ring NS mad, even though the Ring NS was already pointing to and working with my Polisy (all node servers were removed from my 994i before I unplugged it).

So now you know. Don't you feel better? I do.


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