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Win 10 New install Can get the Admin installed (won't run the Java start.jnlp)

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I have a bran new machine with a new windows 10 64 bit Enterprise installaton .

I've installed Java from the oracle site, I see "Java(TM) SE Development Kit 17.0.1(64-bit" in the Programs and Features. So it's CLEARLY installed. When I browse http://isy/admin or https://www.universal-devices.com/99i/, I see the prompt "Please Keep This Windows Open!, Java 2+ Required." but NOTHING happens. No desktop icon, nothing.

I was able to download the "start.jnlp", and have manually attempted to launch it by associating jnlp filed with javaw.exe and even attempting running the following command from an admin console window. 

C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-17.0.1\bin>javaw start.jnlp

All that command gets is a command prompt return, and no error code. I have checked for a javaws.exe in the latest version of Java for windows 64 bit but there's no JavaWS.exe only Java.exe and JavaW.exe as shown by the details below.

    C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-17.0.1>dir *.exe /s /o n
     Volume in drive C is Local Disk
     Volume Serial Number is C644-26BE
     Directory of C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-17.0.1\bin
    01/14/2022  07:36 PM            41,800 jabswitch.exe
    01/14/2022  07:36 PM           102,728 jaccessinspector.exe
    01/14/2022  07:36 PM            67,400 jaccesswalker.exe
    01/14/2022  07:36 PM            20,296 jar.exe
    01/14/2022  07:36 PM            20,296 jarsigner.exe
    01/14/2022  07:36 PM            51,016 java.exe
    01/14/2022  07:36 PM            20,296 javac.exe
    01/14/2022  07:36 PM            20,296 javadoc.exe
    01/14/2022  07:36 PM            20,296 javap.exe
    01/14/2022  07:36 PM            51,016 javaw.exe
    01/14/2022  07:36 PM            20,296 jcmd.exe
    01/14/2022  07:36 PM            20,296 jconsole.exe
    01/14/2022  07:36 PM            20,296 jdb.exe

So I know I'm not a java guy but I'm pretty technically competant. I can only assume I'm missing something to getting the Admin app installed. Any suggestions/help would be GREATLY appreciated TIA.

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OK Mea culpa. And yes I've just demonstrated the extent of my ignorance with Java. I had installed the Java SDK presuming the "runtime" would come with it like most other dev kits I've used over the last couple decades. Problem it is DID NOT. So just downloaded the win version of Java from https://www.java.com/en/ and then manually associated jnlp with the Javaws.exe program found in the x86 Java program files. and VOILA... all is well.


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The JDK does come with the JRE (the "runtime"), but not Java Web Start, which is what you need to open a Java Web Start file (*.jnlp). If you need the JDK (or more appropriately, a specific version of the JDK) installed, you can start the ISY Finder with the following command:

java -jar .\downloads\isyfinder-2.0.jar

where ".\downloads\" is my path to the isyfinder-x.x.jar file. The latest isyfinder-x.x.jar can be downloaded from the web - in these forums, I believe.

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