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Wayne Dalton WDHA-12R and ISY994


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Purchased a Wayne Dalton Wireless Gateway WDHA-12R.   Basically want to use my car's HomeLink to activate a scene or module from within my car.   Currently using an X10 remote as the programmer and a PAT01 or PAt03 X10 module as a trigger.   They work - their range isn't that great and I want to get rid of X10 and Insteon from my network.

Does anyone know how to program this module.   In the manual its says you have to copy Scenes and Network from the primary controller (ISY994) to the gateway.    This is the part that doesn't make sense.

When I try to add a Zwave module with the gateway plugged in it does find it.  But thats all.


Any help would be appreciated.





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