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Migrated to ISY but can't get to Polyglot Cloud - Help!


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I migrated my ISY994 to the ISY-Polisy this morning - Insteon seems to be working but I can seem to delete or re-do a couple of cloud nodeservers because the Polyglot Cloud dashboard spins (it says "loading")  forever.

I had the ISY Portal and Ring nodeservers associated with my ISY994.  The ISY994 is now off-line (unplugged).  Any way to fix this by deleting the nodeservers without powering on the ISY994?  How do I get access to the dashboard?

Edit: I think the problem is that Polyglot Cloud cannot connect to the ISY-Polisy - any ideas on how to fix?

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First thing to try is check to see if you set a "preferred ISY" in your Portal settings and, if so, make it point to your Polisy. If that doesn't do the trick, you'll have to enter a ticket to possibly get your Portal account reset.

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Thanks - I tried that but it is still spinning - one thing I am realizing - I should have probably deleted two cloud nodeservers - the ISY Portal and Ring, before moving from the ISY994 to the Polisy-ISY - any way to delete those after the fact?

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I opened up a ticket and got a reply within a couple of hours and the Polyglot-Cloud Dashboard was fixed - what I didn't realize is those two nodeservers (ISY Portal and Ring) can be deleted from the ISY Admin Console and my.isy.io - you don't delete them from the cloud dashboard.   So if anyone else is wondering about this - you can remove/reinstall those cloud nodeservers after migrating to ISY-Polisy.

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