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Upgrading NS


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How do you update NSs in PG3?  In PG2 there was the "Update" button in the store, but that isn't showing for me in PG3.


To update a node server in PG3, you stop and then restart the node server.

I haven’t tried it yet, but that’s the process I see listed in one of the installation screens.

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The current process is to stop and restart the node server.

When a node server is started, it will check the local version against the version currently listed in the store, if they differ, it will do an install before starting.

Eventually this will change and there will be a manual "update button" available to invoke updates in addition to the automatic updating we have today.   The current plan is to allow bug fixes to automatically update, but all other types of updates would require the user to invoke the update at their convenience. 

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