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MyQ PG3 Node server Released


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I have released the PG3 version of the MyQ Node server (v3.0.18). Installation instructions, release notes, and version history can be found here: https://github.com/Goose66/NSDocs/blob/main/myq-pg3.md.

There is a 3-month trial period and then the Node server is $12.95 a year. I decided on an annual subscription for this one since I am generally required to update it a couple of times a year to keep it running.

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I have uploaded a new version of the MyQ Node Server (v3.2.22) to the Node Server Store. This version adds a User-Agent header to the oAuth calls as well as the API calls to get around the 403 unauthorized values. It also adds a new driver value for the MyQ Service node that is a Node Server Status value managed by PG3. See release notes at https://github.com/Goose66/NSDocs/blob/main/myq-pg3.md for more info.

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I have uploaded a new version of the MyQ Node Server (v3.2.23) to the Node Server Store. This version implements fixes to oAuth to try and keep up with the changes coming from Chamberlain. I would like to say this version should work for some time, however, I feel like we are chasing our tails right now with this and the node server is getting quite fragile. When it has a valid token, it works great. But every time you restart the node server (or potentially every 60 minutes when in refreshes the token) there is a chance that the authentication will fail. There are also a couple of bugs in this version that occur in rare network conditions that will take some time to run down, but I wanted to get a semi-working version out to you guys as fast as possible.

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