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PG3 differences


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@TJF1960 It appears that in PG3, a command named "QUERY" simply performs the same action as the query built into the ISY Admin Console (i.e., right-mouse click on the node and select "Query" and the ISY simply polls Polyglot for the last known values of the states). However, what I wanted here was a way to force the nodeserver to immediately poll the MyQ service to update all nodes as well as flip the nodeserver into active polling mode, so I changed the command to "UPDATE" and the button reads "Force Update." You still have both the QUERY option and the new UPDATE option available to your programs.

The "Update Profile" and "Logging Level" functions are now handled in the PG3 Dashboard, so they aren't needed here. I started out with the notion that the "Nodeserver Online" was redundant to the "MyQ Service Connected" in the new architecture, but as my understanding of this evolves, I may be bringing it back. I sort of wished this had worked its way completely into the PG3 architecture, but it appears that's not the case.

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@Goose66, I had wondered if Force Update could be used in programs the way query had been but thought I had better double check. Thank you for the explanation!

This is a dumb question, but I was hoping for clarification. MyQ Service node page indicates that MyQ service is connecting to MyQ node server and supplying updates, correct?

Likewise the Main Door node page, indicator Online indicates that the MyQ nodeserver in PG3 is down and not communicating with ISY, correct?



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Everything goes through the MyQ cloud service - there is no local communication (sadly). There is (currently) no node-level state that indicates the status of the connection between the ISY, PG3, and the nodeserver.

The "MyQ Service Connected" state for the MyQ Service node means that the nodeserver is connected to the MyQ cloud service and logged into your account. This may occassionall go down as the nodeserver runs, but will reconnect automatically as the cloud service is restored.

Each device (including Gateways) have a "Online" status indicating whether the MyQ could service is in communication with the device. If a device is going through a MyQ gateway, however, the Online status of the device seems to indicate whether the gateway is up or down, and not whether the actual device is connected. This is a MyQ issue and not a nodeserver issue. I have a light module that I used for testing and unplugged it for 24 hours, and it never showed offline. For devices with built in connectivity, like the newer door openers with MyQ Wi-fi built in, the online status should indicate whether the door opener is connected to the MyQ cloud service or not.

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