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Stop PG2 and PG3 on Insteon or Z-Wave device writing


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When I am writing to devices (Initial Setup or Scene Creation) I noticed it was taking forever.  Looking at the logs I see all the nodeserver data coming in.  I used sudo service polyglot stop and sudo service pg3 stop and then did the same tasks and it took 10 seconds rather than a minute.   So from now on I will stop services before and start after.

With that said, why is that not part of the programming?  When I Link and Insteon or Z-wave device it stops it and when linking is done it starts it.  Or when you add or delete something to scene it does the same thing?

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I just added and edited devices today and it does continue. 

It would write Link 1 and then you would have pages of nodesever data like the weather and my alarm and then link 2.  It took several minutes to do one device.   Then as a test I did the same device with PG3 and PG2 off and it took about 20 seconds.

So I dont think it knows enough to pause and queue.

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