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Why are there two rows in ISY finder for the same device?


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49 minutes ago, bhihifi said:


I set up the ISY finder with both http 8080 and https 8443 ports. I have a single Polisy running ISY on Polisy.


When starting the Admin Console, which one should I use?


Do I need both? If so, why?


You don't need both. http 8080 is fine if you are just using it on your lan.

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19 hours ago, bhihifi said:

http 8080 and https 8443

http 8080 is unencrypted network traffic and is great when you're using the connection on your local wifi network.

https 8443 is encrypted network traffic is great for when you're accessing remotely.  This method is slightly slower due encryption/decryption.  It's more noticeable when using a 994 than a polisy.  to use it remotely, it would also require a port forwarding rule on your router....that said, if you're accessing remotely the most secure method is via the portal. 

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