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Bond PG3 Node server Released


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A  new version 3.1.12 is available. This version changes the way bright/dim works for both fans and lights to make them scene-compatible with Insteon SwitchLinc dimmers that brighten/dim over 32 steps. This has not been tested, however. This version also contains Alpha-level support for Sidekick Scene keypads on Bond Bridge Pro. If you have these devices, try them out and let me know how the functionality works.

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A new version v3.2.14 of the Bond plugin has been uploaded. This version fixes problems with the plugin running under IoX 5.8.3/Python 3.11 as well as cleaning up a few other items and making support for Bond Bridge Pro and Sidekick keypads "official."

mea culpa, I made a pretty big mistake in changing this version so that it now only works with Python 3.11 (technically, 3.10). I didn't figure this out until I tried to install it in my production environment. However, instead of going back and fixing it, hopefully everyone needing to upgrade will also want to upgrade to IoX 5.8.3, so I just restricted this version to running on IoX 5.8.3 or better. If this is a problem, let me know and I will figure out the places where compatibility with Python with 3.9 was broken and go back and fix it. 

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