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Harmony One with 2411R IRLinc receiver config help


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Hello all,


Looking for a lil programming help. Here is what I would like to do, but not sure how to configure it on my ISY-99i Pro. so I have a scene in ISY that when I push a button on my 2486PBK KeypadLinc Dimmer it will bring up the house lights in the TV room and turn on the bathroom light.


What I want to do is add this to my 2411R IRLinc receiver. So that when I push the pause button on my Harmony one I want it to send the IR command to pause the DVD player and bring the house lights up. I only want this to work depending on time of day. The thing that I'm not understanding is how do I add just this command to a scene?


Thanks for your help,



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Hello John,


If you add the IRLink button to the scene it will work all the time, you will need to use a program to limit the times.


       From     5:00:00PM
       To      10:00:00PM (same day)
   And Control 'IRLinc Button 1' is switched On

       Set Scene 'Pause Movie' On

  - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')



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