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I/O Linc - Garage door control & Status Kit


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There are other threads about this on the forum, I thought it best to start a fresh one to avoid any confusion.


I/O Linc v.36

ISY Alpha 2.7.11


First off in my case I think everything is working perfectly. There appears to be some contradiction between different versions of the Insteon Quick Start guide in relation to the status light and when it should be on or off. I've read various threads on this forum and got a little confused because I'm not an electrician and all the n/o & n/c stuff I found confusing. Like most things ISY/Insteon I just try to follow the instructions as best as possible.


The paper version of the quick start guide that came with my kit states the following: I/O Linc’s Sensor Status LED will turn on when garage door is closed and turn off when it is open


Which is the opposite to the online version found here:



It states: I/O Linc’s Sensor Status LED will turn off when garage door is closed and turn on when it is open


I used the black and green leads (sense & ground), and the N/O and COM connections to my garage door motor.


At this stage the sensor light on the I/O Linc acted as per the paper version of the quick start guide, it was on when the door was shut and off when open.


I then followed UDI's guide found at this link to set up the KPL operations: http://www.universal-devices.com/mwiki/index.php?title=ISY-99i/ISY-26_INSTEON:Garage_Door_Kit


The only difference was that the button toggle mode box read the following: Non-Toggle [On]. That seems to differ to what is displayed at the link above.


Here are the status of the relay and sensor during operation:


Door Closed:

Relay: Off

Sensor: On


Door Open:

Relay: Off

Sensor: Off


Going from my paper version of the quick start guide everything seems to be working correctly. I have tested the door from the KPL and the light is on when the door is up and off when down, the door works from the KPL or from a garage door remote control and the safety sensor works perfectly.

One other thing is I set the timeout for 2/10th of a second, the screen shot at the UDI setup link states 2 seconds.


At this stage unless anyone can see any floors in this set up I'm leaving it because its working 100% as expected. I just thought I would chime in to say the v.36 I/O Linc seems to work in my case.





Added: After rebooting the ISY the door remain closed and everything worked as expected.

To get the status reading I did have to query the relay and sensor devices in the ISY admin interface.

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I think there is an alternative approach to the above solution for linking a keypad with an iolinc device.


First off, let me clarify that the iolinc sensor as reported by the ISY refers to the sensor light status and not the actual sensor state. When the sensor light is ON the sensor is OFF, meaning the two magnet sensors are 'touching' each other. For our garage control this means that when the sensor (light) reports an ON status, the door is closed and vise versa.


1) First open the garage door, which is the state you want the door to be when an ON command is sent to it by a controller. (in our case the keypad device).

2) Press the controlling keypad button so the light turns ON.

3) Create a scene where the controller is the button from the above step as the controller and the responder is the iolinc relay.

4) Create another scene where the keypad key is the responder. Let's call it LED scene. (This is a follow up scene, which takes care of setting the state of the keypad button after each change in the iolinc sensor)

5) Create a program which takes care of the above step logic.

if iolinc sensor status (light) is on << means door is closed
then set scene LED scene off
else set scene LED scene on


For the above solution

a) The keypad buttons toggle mode can be full toggle, meaning the button sends both on and off commands. (which is the default)

B) You do not have to select the trigger reverse, thus you don't need to reset anything if the ISY loses power.

c) You select the momentary C option for the relay setup (driven by sensor input)

d) The Query all ISY default program does not mess up your sensor status every time it runs, as it happens with the original solution.


Full instructions at: http://samaklis.no-ip.com/blog/2013/04/ ... kit-setup/


I hope the above helps some people.

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