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Moving From Trial To Paid Node Server


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I just got a reminder that my trial will expire tomorrow and that I need to purchase the Elk PG3 Node server. I went through the purchase process and got a reminder that after the purchase I need to reinstall with the paid version. I hit install and selected "install into the same slot" and everything seemed to go OK except when the Node Server restarted I got a bunch of messages saying it could not start because configuration was not complete. I looked at the configuration and sure enough all the fields were blank and I had to scramble to find all that info again since nothing had warned me that it would be erased so I did not jot it down before installing the paid version.

My questions are:

Did I do something wrong that caused me to lose the configuration when moving to the paid version?

If not, isn't there a way to make the transition to paid Node Servers preserve the configuration?

If not, couldn't a warning popup be put into the upgrade process to let you know you need to write down your configuration information and add it back after the licensing is finished?

I think I got the right info back into configuration but now I have to do some testing to be sure since I seem to recall there were quirks about my settings to get it working before. Was not expecting to have to do this.

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Sorry about that.  You didn't do anything wrong. A re-install is not supposed to touch the configuration but that was added to a fairly recent version of PG3 (3.1.12).  In my limited testing, it seemed to leave the parameters in-tact when re-installing but there could be a bug.

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