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Triggering lighting scenes over IP


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I'm using an ISY994i in a legacy application with IR input triggering various Insteon lighting scenes.  Moving forward, I'm trying to remove IR from my system and would like to trigger the scenes by sending network commands to the ISY.  Is this possible?  

I'm successfully controlling device with the ISY over the network, but it's not clear how to use received network commands as conditions in a program or to set variables.

Am I missing something obvious or is this not possible?

 - Dave

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If I understand your question, the ISY REST interface is the answer. 


It's worked well for me.  

I am a little rusty but I think you can turn scenes and devices on and off directly.  You can also set integer and state variables.   Changing a state variable can trigger programs.  So you can do pretty much anything with it. 

 Others may also be able to point you to better documentation or best practices.   

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