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PG3 on Polisy - no node servers starting

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Hi All,

None of my node servers on PG3 will start.  All were previously running fine.

PG3 v3.1.15, status "connected"

ISY on Polisy v5.4.5 status "connected"

3 Node servers: weatherbit.io v2.0.6, IFTTT-Webhooks v3.0.3, Kasa v3.0.16

I am running ISY on Polisy

None of the node servers will start, though each time I try, i get the green "Node Server started successfully" message in the lower right corner of the screen, though they do not start.  This is common for all 3.

I was having problems with weather from weatherbit.io not updating, and the forecast being 1 day behind as has been reported elsewhere on this forum, and was not able to resolve that, although the Node Server would stop, start, and run, and I was able to increase and decrease the forecast days, but it would eventually stop working.  I suspect that may have been due to the new polling requirements for free accounts, but not sure yet. Then last night, I noticed that the Christmas lights I have controlled by a TPLink/Kasa module did not turn on, that is when I saw that the Kasa Node Server was not running, nor were the others.

Attempting to resolve the issue: I rebooted PG3, rebooted Polisy, cycled power on Polisy, upgraded packages on Polisy, reinstalled each node server on PG3, uninstalled and reinstalled weatherbit... and still am unable to start any Node Server.

Any suggestions from the group for what may be preventing the node servers from starting?

Thanks in advance.


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Look at the log files for the individual node servers. Are there entries at the bottom with timestamps corresponding to the last time your tried to start them? If not, look at the PG3 Log (via the "Log" menu item at the top right of the dashboard). Are their items in the PG3 Log with timestamps corresponding to the last time you tried to reboot or start a Node Server? If so, DM the log or a log package to @bpwwer.

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According the log file, none of the node servers are starting because python isn't available.  python is an OS level component on the Polisy and is what actually runs the node server code.

STDERR: env: python3: No such file or directory

I'd try doing an "Upgrade Packages" again from the admin console.  Maybe something the last time and some stuff didn't get installed that should have.

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You may need to flash SSD on your Polisy. You should put a ticket in with UDI support. But before you do that, make sure you are giving the “Upgrade Packages” ample time. My last one took nearly 20 minutes. Wait for the 5 beeps before rebooting.

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Thanks for the help.  It seems like things are getting closer.  After upgrade packages, I quickly heard the 5 beeps. But thinking about @Goose66 comments about taking 20 mins, I rebooted Polisy, then waited a while, then upgrade packages again, but this time it took longer to hear the 5 beeps, maybe a couple of minutes.  Then I let Polisy sit for quite a while, probably over an hour, then rebooted PG3, then waited a while and rebooted Polisy.

After all that, the node servers started, it took 2 tries to get Kasa to start, but they've been running for a couple of hours and the weather data started coming into PG3, and I could turn the Kasa devices on and off from the Admin Console, but did not get weather data or Kasa device status.  I had to exit Admin Console and log back in to get weather data and Kasa device status there.

A lot of "poking it with a stick" from my perspective to get things (hopefully) working, and not at all typical of my experience with the ISY, I'm only a year into Polisy.

Thanks again for the help.

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15 minutes ago, GSORS400 said:

A lot of "poking it with a stick" from my perspective to get things (hopefully) working...

LOL. That's definitely what it feels like sometimes. It's been a slow evolution of ISY Node Servers and Polyglot from end-user or third-party add-ons to an integral part of the UDI/ISY ecosystem, but it is evolving, and I think (hope) eIsy will see us even closer to a robust, fully-integrated platform.

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