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Rename feature question

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In new v1.x I see the addition of a configurable option to "rename" nodes when they change in Airthings and wanted to check something.

I ran into a glitch upgrading to v1.0.0 that resulted in all my nodes disappearing from ISY. In all my past dealings with any NS I haven't seen ISY lose nodes even if I uninstall a NS. I've always had to go back and delete the nodes in ISY if I was truly uninstalling something for good.  This time, however, all my nodes were deleted by the upgrade. Is that because of the renaming feature, which I had set to True? Or was it related to one of the confirmed bugs in either v1.0.0 or PG3?

I want to make sure I know the risks involved in enabling that feature. Also, if it is a risk, I'd like to suggest it be mentioned in explanation for this feature on configuration page. 

Thanks for putting an update out for this NS.

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18 minutes ago, Jimbo.Automates said:

The nodes were deleted because you uninstalled the node server. That always deletes the nodes in PG3 and the ISY.

ok I tested this with another NS and it did delete the related ISY nodes. I guess it's been a while since I've deleted a node server. For sure pre-PG3 and maybe even when I was running node servers on separate boxes (not Polisy)

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