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Thank you for this


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Howdy! This thread is a little old, but it's new to me just now installing an EISY to replace my ISY994. 

Bob @bpwwer I really want to thank you for this little gem of a node.

I have over 25 LED accent lights all over the house (ambient), each one behind an Insteon controller. The new set-up will eliminate all of those (aging, some over 12 years old) Insteon on/off modules and give me single-app control of both on/off and color. WOO HOO. 

I had to move off of Insteon as the modules have started reaching EOL. Luckily I haven't had any break apart or melt as some have...  but I am losing about 1 every other month lately, and my supply of extras was exhausted (and given Insteon's lack of supply and survival not totally guaranteed, it was the kick I needed to move to a more open multivendor HA platform. 

I had to install your Node Server a few times to get it to move from "disconnected" to "connected" (and had to restart PG3) but once it worked, it was amazingly fast. 

So, THANK YOU. My journey continues ... but this was the most important first step!


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fixed call-out to Bob :)
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