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IoX Release v5.6.4 - OUTDATED

Chris Jahn

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Hello all,

This release contains a few enhancements such as Zigbee sensors and some bug fixes.


- ZMatter Zigbee sensors (motion, water, fire, etc.)
- Insteon I3 KPL support
- Limited Z-Wave OTA Firmware upgrade support
- Faster Z-Wave serial port detection
- Increased maximum number of ISY nodes from 1024 to 2048
- Added UOM for Unix timestamp
- Support for all Z-Wave frequencies (contact us)
- OpenADR Dashboard is now incorporated into the Admin Console

Bug Fixes:

- Z-Wave devices no longer responding when IoX restarts
- Z-Wave backups no longer progressively get larger
- Native linking of Insteon I3 Outlet nodes
- Bootup crash when too much network traffic
- Log showing IPV6 addresses only
- File System status showing garbage

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