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PG3x version 3.2.1 - OUTDATED


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Hello everyone,

Here's the latest PG3x release.

Release notes for: 3.2.1 - 08/14/2023

  • Dashboard now shows node servers connected state in real time
  • Fix to the Purchase page with duplicated entries
  • In the purchase page, show the update button only if an update is available
  • Node server re-install: Restart node servers after re-installation if it was running
  • Node server re-install: At the end, display a confirmation message
  • Node servers can now update property names of existing nodes
  • In node server nodes page, property variable can be copied using copy icon
  • Add support for dynamic property texts (UOM 150)
  • Fine tune IoX requests throttling
  • Add support for Bonjour mDNS queries by node servers
  • Add support for descriptions on properties shown in PG3x
  • Make login more responsive if UDX is not responding
  • Use socket to connect to onboard IoX (Instead of HTTP)
  • Fix the PG3x Restart Required following an upgrade.
  • Added developer mode when installing a node server (For developers only)
  • Added flag to allow access to ISY by Node Server
  • When changing credentials from admin console, update PG3x's cached credentials for node server accessing ISY
  • When node server is in a failed state, allow to restart the node server without errors
  • Fix a potential uncaugh exception that may happen during node server log rotation
  • Fix handling of notifications from IoX
  • On node server installation, clean the previous files if any
  • Enhanced shutdown process
  • General code enhancement
  • Minor bug fixes & logging enhancements

In addition, UDI python interface has also been updated to 3.2.0. After updating PG3x, please click on System | Re-install all node servers.

UDI Python interface 3.2.0 changes:

  • Added support for mDNS queries by node servers.
    • This will allow them to discover devices they support.
  • Added restriction to ISY credentials by Node Servers. 
    • Node servers will be prevented access to your ISY's REST API, unless you approve it under the configuration page.
    • This restriction will be effective in a future release of PG3 to allow time for Node server developers to configure their Node Servers, and to allow you to grant access.
    • When the next release with the restriction comes out, ISY access by Node Servers will be prevented unless you grant access.
    • Please note that this feature only restricts direct access to ISY. Core PG3 capabilities such as creating nodes, removing nodes, updating properties etc are not affected by this restriction. This affects only a handful of Node Servers.
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