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ISY994 to EISY Migration - mostly uneventful


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I’d been putting this project off for a while but yesterday decided to proceed with the migration from ISY994i to EISY as well as installing a USB PLM.  While not trivial, I did complete the migration in an hour or so. All in all it went….okay.  There were a couple of confusing moments (causing me to initiate perhaps needless multiple reboots of EISY and my router) and the migration guide could probably use some editing but it got me through.  I don’t use Z Wave but I do use Home Assistant as a front end which required deleting then reinstalling the ISY/IoX integration and for some reason I had to rename a few devices in HA and one Insteon lamp module had to be reset.  The portal transfer was straight forward.  I’m glad I remembered the free trial step.  All seems to be running well and I have my old ISY994i and PLM as a back up should I ever need it.  I don’t see any performance improvements but my ISY994i was working just fine anyway and while I do have a lot of programs it’s not a huge number.  Alexa seemed unruffled and there was no need to rediscover devices.  The EISY seems to run hot but I think I read that is normal.  Thanks to all who posted their prior stories and solutions to problems.  That was a big help to me to read before attempting this.

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