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Davis WeatherLink API version 2 node server


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I've made a beta version of a node server that uses the V2 API available for initial testing/feedback.

The version 2 API is very different from the version 1 API.  It organizes the data differently and node server node organization changes to match the API.

The node server first queries for the list of stations associated with your account.  For each station it finds, it creates a "station" node.  It then queries for the list of sensors and sensor data reported by each station.  It creates a node for each sensor associated with the station.  These nodes are grouped with the correct "station" node and are named based on sensor product name.

Support for different Units is still missing in this beta release.  For some data (rain for instance), the data is available in both US and Metric values, but for most, it seems to only be available in US units.

Since this is a new node server, you can run it in parallel with the existing production DavisWeather node server.

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