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Fan powered by bond and insteon switch

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I have a fan that has bond built it.  I like it a lot and it is well supported by the bond node server.

Currently I have a standard switch which we never touch since I want it to stay on and we control the fan either from the remote or programs running on eisy.

I would like to replace the switch on the wall with a Insteon 8 button controller and wire it insuch a way that it has no load.  I then want to program the buttons and assign speed and other task to the 8 buttons.

I know it is doable but would like to hear if anybody else has done something like that and if so what is the delays from pressing the button to the adjustment happens at the fan?



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We do this with all of our ceiling fans in bedrooms.  Have a 8 KPLs on the wall where a switch was, give it power and leave load disconnected to the keypad.  Renders the ON/OFF unavailable as it has nothing to control - however allows you still to use the buttons just the same.

In regards to ‘delay’ - there is a delay, but it’s within a second or two max and I have a wired Bond Bridge Pro.  There are times where the light and/or fan will get out of sync with the Bond but haven’t seen that being an issue with the latest firmware released last week/earlier this week.  Still watching it.  Worse case you can always correct it in the Bond App.

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